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I just upgraded to the new WordPress 2.2.1 . If you run into any problems or bugs please let me know. Thank you.

Also, it’s that time of year again. Although it’s hard to believe that 24 years have passed since I attended that first outdoor Rockfest concert on the weed-whacked hill up north (an area now in the vicinity of a golf coarse), the 25th annual RockFest is to be held on July 7 and 8 (Saturday and Sunday), 2007. This year it’s being billed as the pre-celebration to the long-awaited for (10 years in the making) MusicTown project. Among some of the venues MusicTown will house (from what I’ve been told) are an entertainment training facility for both management and artists, various independent vendor facitlites, and a standing-only live concert hall for visiting national “big name” concerts (unlike the parallel street’s Korinza entertainment facility, which houses a sit-down theater-style hall). Another aspect that seperates MusicTown is that it is a government-sponsored facility, unlike most of the other live music venues (about a dozen or so) in the area, which are independently-owned private facilties, each having its own style and characteristics. With the RockFest, comes that annual influx of tourists in the area. So…expect many of your regular neighborhood haunts to be a bit more crowded and busier than usual during the festivities.

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