Twenty-four Hours

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I was listening to a talk radio show the other day and the topic was a very interesting question, “What is the one most important thing you would do if you could be the other gender for twenty-four hours?” I let the question run the gambit in my mind and came to the conclusion, I wouldn’t want to be the other gender. Basically the only thing that women are prevented from joining are male-only private clubs. I’ve worked around bars packed with men since I was a little girl. And I’ve pretty much heard all the talk that gets passed around. Trust me on this one, the networking is the only possible gain to be made by a female in attaining access to one of those exclusive clubs. These days women have well established networks available without the “boy” talk.

I am quite happy being a woman. I have a husband who worked hard to finance and open his own business, one that provides him the opportunity to do what he loves (play music). And he continues to work hard at that profession. He is a helpful (when necessary), non-substance abuser who is monogamous, creative, and responsible. (Sure he can turn into that annoying little boy who knows exactly which buttons to push just for the fun of it on occasion, but what husband of over thirty years doesn’t?) I have a wonderful and caring family that I don’t get to see often enough. But thanks to modern technology, we keep in touch every day. I have two hilarious “babies” that make me laugh until my sides hurt almost every time we are together. With all of this why would I want to change genders, even if were only for twenty-four hours?

Today’s Current Weather Conditions #132

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Wednesday October 12, 2005 [PC(11/365) W(3/365) SH(4/365) ]

October 2005 Total:
C-cloudy (1/365) PC-partly cloudy (11/365)
D-drizzle (1/365) SR-scattered rain showers (1/365)
W-windy (3/365) LW-light winds (7/365)
H-humid (8/365) SH-slightly humid (4/365)

This Year�s (June 3, 2005 – June 2, 2006) Total:
S-sunny (24/365) C-cloudy (32/365) PC-partly cloudy (76/365)
D-drizzle (7/365) R-rainy (4/365) SR-scattered rain showers (13/365)
W-windy (36/365) LW-light winds (72/365) VW-very windy (5/365)
H-humid (65/365) SH-slightly humid (65/365)

Weekly Hogen☺#16

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Weekly Hogen (Okinawan Dialect) :
English – chat
Japanese – oshaberi (?????)
Hogen – yuntaku (????)

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