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Coming from a foreign culture, one of the things a person gets accustomed to is the varying view of human relationships. Some people over here consider relationships a “human bank” concept. One makes deposits in a relationship in hopes of gaining a profitable return in the future. There is some merit in this idea. After all, if everyone only placed positive deposits in relationships there would be a lack of disharmony and disagreement in those relationships. In reality, however, few people agree one-hundred per cent on everything. Most relationships are based on common interests with friendly interaction (or positive deposits) having varying degrees of disagreement with unfriendly interaction (or negative deposits) in side areas of interest. While taking sociology classes in college, I even once learned it took approximately twelve or thirteen positive images to erase the affects of one negative image. If this is true than relationships, according to the “human bank”, theory are the balance of positive and negative deposits between individuals in everyday life. Even if a person builds up a large account of positive deposits it only takes a few negative deposits to wipe out the account (or lack of trust). And if a person builds up a large negative balance (lack of trust), it would be extremely difficult to make enough positive deposits to end up with a balanced account (or the benefit of doubt) in the relationship. And it would be almost impossible to end up with a positive account (or trust).

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