The Heat is On

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As expected, the chilly winds and weather has returned for its seasonal finale. It is during this time of year that I am grateful to whoever came up with the brilliant idea of the kotatsu. A kotatsu is a floor table that has a space heater in its center. the kotatsu is usually centered on an area rug or traditional tatami mat. One simply lifts the table top, places a quilt or blanket over the table frame, and then replaces the table top on top of the blanket. The sensation of sitting on throw pillows with your legs being heated by the kotatsu reminds me of soaking outdoors in a Jacuzzi in brisk winter weather. One of the advantages of a kotatsu is that one can line-up several throw pillows, curl-up under the blanket, and just totally relax. Other advantages include the energy and cost efficiency of the table, since it only heats a small given area. So if you ever get the opportunity to experience this unique manner of keeping warm in the winter, stretch out and enjoy.

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