Elephant Poop Paper…

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That’s right, paper made from elephant poop. That was only one of the fascinating ideas being brought to the world’s attention by a couple at BuyChange on The View today. Hurray for the wonderful innovative people who are coming up with these wonderful positive solutions!!!

C’mon People Now …

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Given the recent sextuplet "hoax" on many caring and sympathetic individuals, it’s always great to run across information on positive solutions to some of the numerous challenges that we as people face in life. I heard about this site while watching the TV program “The View”.

Love of Animals

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I was looking at the Flickr photostream of the favorites of a person that took a liking to one of my food pix. Most unexpectedly, one picture in the collection led me to the wonderful photography of a very warm-hearted animal lover that had spent quite a bit of time helping out those who were in such need in the Gulf area after last year’s disasters.

I want to thank exdxbmx for his vote and leading me to danakay’s photo journal of her efforts to remember those innocent victims who were truly in need of a little love and understanding under the direst of circumstances.

Unsung Heroes

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Last year I suggested that it would be nice if Oprah did a daily thirty-minute broadcast of selfless people who were trying to make a difference in their communities, if she could find enough people who fit that description that is. In a world where it sometimes feels like everyone is out only for their own good, it isn’t always easy to remember that these people do exist. This weekend, as I was going home from the club, I just happened to see one of these very seldom recognized people. What made this person, someone I do not know and probably will never cross paths with, so special is not only was the act that he was performing selfless it was breaking down stereotypes. Anyone who has seen Gate 2 Street early Saturday or Sunday mornings is well aware of the surmountable trash that is deposited by the previous nights party-goers. Yet early Saturday morning a young GI was out on the street wielding a garbage bag in his left hand and a large tong in the right. Dressed in camouflaged hip-hop ware, he went quietly along the street picking up what others so indiscreetly tossed about in every crook and cranny. If I had not been in a car driving down the other side of the road, I would have told him Thank you for your efforts. Right now in this chaotic world we need more people like you.

Bah Bah Humbug

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For those of you who are not ready to give in to the doldrums, here’s a site that will help bring some little warm fuzzies.

Positive Solution #2

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Having lived without a computer until six years ago I understand some of the challenges facing people who don’t have one yet, especially children. That’s why I feel this is one of the more important positive steps being taken by society.

Channeling Energy

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I’ve added a new category on some stories in the news that demonstrate the ingenuity of positive creativity. This first story shows some of the promising possibilities of the younger generation.

"What Good Thing Happened to You Today?"
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