Today’s Current Weather Conditions #671

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July Clouds 2006
Wednesday March 7, 2007 [PC(3/365) W(6/365)]

Julian Calendar Winter (????????????)
Okinawan Winter (????)
Ryukyu Island Winter (????)

March 2007 Total:
S-sunny (1/365) C-cloudy (3/365) PC-partly cloudy (3/365)
D-drizzle (1/365) SR-scattered rain showers (1/365)
W-windy (6/365) LW-light winds (1/365)

This Year’s (June 3, 2006 – June 2, 2007) Total:
S-sunny (39/365) C-cloudy (125/365) PC-partly cloudy (107/365)
D-drizzle (10/365) R-rainy(17/365) SR-scattered rain showers (15/365)
W-windy (90/365) LW-light winds (146/365) VW-very windy (3/365)
H-humid (87/365) SH-slightly humid (59/365)

Flower Mosaic #5

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More of the flowers found on island…

Mosaic #5

(Click on image to view large size)

I recently had a young person at the bar (couldn’t have been more than 25 years old) ask me if I knew the music of The Ventures. Given, I was much older than the inquirer (and now that I think about it, who must think I’m ancient by his terms) and am familiar with the name, and probably even know a few of their tunes. In reality, however, they were big a bit before my childhood musical influences (Beach Boys, Supremes, Smokey Robinson, The Monkees, Paul Revere and the Raiders, etc. of the 60’s) which were very much perpetuated by TV programing such as American Bandstand, Shindig, Where the Action Is, The Ed Sullivan Show, etc. I simply replied, “No, I’m only going to be 51. I’m to young” (don’t get the chance to say that very often). Quite honestly, I don’t know who looked more perplexed by the end of the conversation, he or I.

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