Today�s Current Weather Conditions#5

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Tuesday – June 7, 2005 [PC (2/365) W (2/365) SH (5/365)]

This Year’s Total: S (1/365) C (2/365) PC (2/365) SR (2/365) W (2/365) LW (3/365) SH (5/365)

S-sunny; C-cloudy; PC-partly cloudy; SR-scattered rain showers; W-windy; LW-light winds; SH-slightly humid

Keep On Keepin’ On

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Although the weather has been rather in and out, the band is still in the preproduction stages of the new CD. Taki and I continue to pump out new original tunes and have decided to save “Ryukyu Island Rock ‘n’ Roll” for another CD further down the road. For now our originals “My Angel”, “Rock ‘Till the Morning Sun,” and another new tune “Remember” are on the plate for this upcoming CD. The actual release date is still indefinite.

"What Good Thing Happened to You Today?"
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