Today’s Current Weather Conditions#1

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Friday – June 3, 2005 [C (1/365) SR (1/365) LW (1/365) SH (1/365)]

C-cloudy; SR-scattered rain showers; LW-light winds

Okinawa is classified as a subtropical island. The weather is one of the more unpredictable characteristics about the island. On the other hand Guam, a tropical island, has a fairly stable weather pattern. As with most things in life, there are good points and bad points to that stability. The consistent 85 degrees and almost constant sunny skies were conducive to barbecued lunches practically every day at Tumon Bay. Of course there were the super typhoons, such as Pamela, to deal with. And with a constant weather pattern there is a lack of seasons. So exactly what does �subtropical� mean? I�ve decided to keep a log of Okinawan weather for the next year to find out exactly how many pleasant days annually we actually have.

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