Wise Men Say

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Sometimes people’s comments can be quite amusing. Take a person who thinks that a facility should go by the “no rules” system. This is one of the most ridiculous suggestions a person can give a business operator. Just imagine what the consequences of such a move would be. And when the comment comes from a woman, I’m even more astonished! If someone really thinks rules established to provide equal treatment of all customers, consideration for the band and all customers, and the comfort and safety of everyone in the facilty are too many rules, than maybe that person SHOULD go to another facility. I doubt that you will find one that doesn’t have some form of safety catch, no matter what they profess as their operating system. Many night-time facilities are forced to use bouncers to enforce the rules, because SOME customers can’t control their own behavior! If someone sees this as excessive or “rude” (which covers a heck of a lot of ground) on the part of the club operator, than so be it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but they are not entitled to perform behaviors that disrupt or destruct a business. Despite what some people try to profess, rock ‘n’ roll music is not a passport to idiotic behavior and the majority of rock lovers know it!

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