Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #2

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Okay, what is it with people who seem to be totally oblivious to other customers who were there before them? The locals seem to be really bad at this one! Every weekend I get any number of reactions when I have to tell these inconsiderate people to wait their turn. Do they really think that their particular desire for a beverage is greater than the that of the other people who are patiently and politely waiting their chance to place an order? Do they really believe that acting like a little brat, by slapping the counter, yelling “Hey”, or even trying to come behind the counter is going to ingratiate thier presence in my eyes. Does it really have to be necessary for me to point out that they are being rude to the other persons that are there before them? Do they really, really think I enjoy interrupting service to other customers, it isn’t going to get them their order any faster!!!

Oh Blah Di, Oh Blah Da

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Finally a free moment! As expected, Peaceful Love Rock Festival week was a constant challenge. We didn’t escape the second typhoon totally unscathed. All weekend, blankets of rain covered the island. Yet it didn’t seem to stop the determined fans who attended the concert. On Sunday, most of us ended-up with a wet bottom, at the least. And completely drenched at the worst. Fans were slip-sliding all over the outdoor stadium. On the good side, the rain kept the fire ants from attacking our feet this year. The bands bravely forged forward undaunted by the puddles that were accumulating on stage. Just as my husband’s band was three-fourths finished, the clouds began to break and the sky lightened. Unfortunately, his decision to have the failing veteran guitarist play did slightly slap him in the face, but it was survivable. I know it had to be difficult for him to risk his band’s reputation for the sake of allowing the guitarist to play what will probably be his last Peaceful Love gig. Although I didn’t agree with the decision, because the guitarist has continually shown total disregard for the band’s welfare. I understand and respect my husband for his choice…and life goes on!

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