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Ahhhh, Monday morning and another weekend is over. As we begin our 11th year at the club, and my 8th year working there, certain customer behaviors never fail to amaze me. Each week I will list the main nonsensical behavior confronted on Okinawa.

Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #1:

This past weekend the main ongoing nonsensical norm was individuals who think it’s their given right to bring in their own beverages. What drinking establishment is going to allow that to happen, really!!! I suppose they think they should be able to bring their own food to restaurants too! Not only do they try to bring in their own beverages, they become indignant (even confrontational) when told that no outside beverages are allowed. These aren’t one-time incidents, it’s the same people trying repeatedly to do the same thing, sometimes on the same night. If they honestly believe that this is a proper practice, let them open their own club. I bet it would be the most popular club in town, for the brief duration of its existence!

In other local news, Okinawa is hosting the annual Peaceful Love Rock Festival this week. Bands throughout Japan will be flying-in for the event, which is to be televised and broadcast over the internet at later dates. The week is full of local band practices, with each band trying to throw together a brief highlight of the tunes that make them popular with the locals. In hopes of expanding their fan bases, visiting bands contact all the club owners to book brief guest appearances at each venue and try to gain as much exposure to the locals as possible. And as the final days approach, ongoing incessant sound checks. Oh yes, Peaceful Love week is always a challenge that culminates is two days of exploding music.

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