Thanks for the Memories 2004

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Here it is the end of another year! Anyone who has known me long enough knows my two heros are George Burns and Ziggy. This year I decided to start taking pictures of the S.K.p Bonenkai Bash. Well sure enough, Murphy had a hand in the results. Somewhere down the line the film got damaged. But being used to these kinds of things happening, I took the opportunity to learn how to create a flash animation and embed it on a web page. The flash animation can be viewed here. Once I get some free time, I’ll just have to clean them up. Have a Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome Back

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Rumor has it that one of Okinawa’s own is returning home next year. She is a very well known singer (Marie Kyan) that started-out on the Okinawan rock scene in Medusa, which soon after became Marie with Medusa, of Kinville fame in the ’70s and ’80s. It seems her mainland recording contract is coming to an end and she has plans to go into some sort of journalistic endeavor. The way I see it, she’s lucky. After all, what better time to return home then when an entire city block, on Gate 2 Street, is getting ready to be torn down to accommodate a major government sponsored facility? The new facility, Music Town, is scheduled to take two years to build. This should allow sufficient time to make necessary organizational and administrative assignments and preparations. Oh well, maybe it’s all just coincidence. Stay tuned and we’ll all find out together.

Don’t Go Changing

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Well the annual Gate 2 Fest took place this week. As I expected, the event was crammed full of local youths as the entertainment organizer pleased them by promoting the sounds of up and coming J-pop band Orange Range. But the organizer’s disregard of the other side of the Gate 2 culture did not go unnoticed. I heard many negative comments on how the contibutions of the local rock scene seemed to be completely ignored this year. Usually the organizers have a stage at both ends of the street (one for local pop music and one for rock music). There seemed to be fewer hogs out this year as well. But Taki and I still enjoyed our outing for the day, even if it somewhat lacked in international flavor.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

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When you have been around the music industry as long as I have, one can always tell a group is on their way up when the flies begin buzzing around. You know the type of people who profess their undying admiration for the group in the beginning of the relationship, a kind of making a deposit in the human bank. Of course, these are the same people that disappear while the actual struggle of getting just the right combination of music style and talent development is happening. They’re too busy depositing the same undying admiration for every other performer available in the respective banks, a kind of playing the odds theory. After all, there are so many groups in contention at least one of them has to make a hit! As a wife, all one can do is point out who has and hasn’t been around through the tough times. Then hope that her husband also has been paying attention to the intricacies of the industry, and knows how to filter out those trying to ride the tails of a group on the rise.

D.U.B. Da Udda Band

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Recently, Taki and I had the pleasure of hearing a visiting band from Guam, the D.U.B. Da Udda Band. It seems the tropical cyclone system had rained-out the 4th of July celebration on-base, so they went looking for a local spot to perform at for the night. Since the 4th was on a Sunday this year, most of the Koza bars were closed. But luckily for us 7th Heaven was open. So we went there for the usual Peaceful Love Rock Festival 2004 after-concert party. To our surprise, there the band was! Kadena’s loss was our gain. They have a unique reggae-comedy style that is chocked full of humor about living on a small island, among many other topics. For us this was a great treat, because we had lived in Guam in the mid-seventies. Taki was so impressed with the music that he quickly scored one of their CDs, “A Day in The Life.” If you ever get chance check this band out! They were heading for Las Vegas the last we heard.

Oh Blah Di, Oh Blah Da

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Finally a free moment! As expected, Peaceful Love Rock Festival week was a constant challenge. We didn’t escape the second typhoon totally unscathed. All weekend, blankets of rain covered the island. Yet it didn’t seem to stop the determined fans who attended the concert. On Sunday, most of us ended-up with a wet bottom, at the least. And completely drenched at the worst. Fans were slip-sliding all over the outdoor stadium. On the good side, the rain kept the fire ants from attacking our feet this year. The bands bravely forged forward undaunted by the puddles that were accumulating on stage. Just as my husband’s band was three-fourths finished, the clouds began to break and the sky lightened. Unfortunately, his decision to have the failing veteran guitarist play did slightly slap him in the face, but it was survivable. I know it had to be difficult for him to risk his band’s reputation for the sake of allowing the guitarist to play what will probably be his last Peaceful Love gig. Although I didn’t agree with the decision, because the guitarist has continually shown total disregard for the band’s welfare. I understand and respect my husband for his choice…and life goes on!

Time for Pasture?

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When is enough, enough! For the past ten years my husband and the various drummers of his band have basically been carrying the lead guitarist. He once was one of the true naturally-talented guitarists around. Unfortunately, he can’t control his personal habits, mainly drinking. Year after year, the affects of his indulgences have increasingly disminished his musical capabilities. Four years ago, he ended-up in the hospital and was diagnosed with diabetes. Even this didn’t convince him to change his course. About one year ago, he fell off the stage and went into 4 seperate seizures. Once again, he continued on his deadly course. This year he has been in and out of the hospital twice already. Last night was his first night back since the latest stint in the hospital. He has finally reached a point where he can varily play one complete song. Still my husband refuses to even consider replacing him as the main guitarist, after all “old musician’s don’t die, they just fade away.” I understand that, maybe just maybe–with sugar on top–the guitarist might be able to return to some level of competency, if he is willing to put in a lot of practice time. But, there must be a point in a musician’s life when they, or their fellow band members, realize that it is time for the failing band member to step down. A time when the sentimentality has to give way to common sense. A time when each individual starts to take responsiblity for their own choices–if not for theirselves, for the good of the band and it’s fans. Tommorrow is the annual Okinawan Peaceful Love Rock Festival finale. My husband’s band will be one of the closing acts. The concert is being recorded in order to be aired on television and over the internet at later dates. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that my husband’s decision doesn’t wind-up smacking him in the face! When is it time to put the horse out to pasture?

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