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Well another Turkey Day is over. Although many locals have picked-up on the Halloween fun, Okinawans don’t celebrate Turkey Day. It remains one of the few strictly American holidays. For weeks now the Christmas glitter has lined the windows and pathways of local stores, as retailers jump from one celebrated party time to the next. And eager celebrators quickly jump in and begin dressing their homes and businesses with the ever increasing array of decorations. When I was growing-up, our family tradition was to decorate the home the first weekend of December and leave the decorations up until the day after New Years, thereby providing for a month of holiday cheer. The locals however have two months of partying (otherwise known as cheers) in which they bid farewell to this year (in December) and welcome the new year (in January). In effect, one ends up with close to one-fourth of the year surrounded by Christmas decorations.


  1. Oh don,nt forget those Bonen Kai.Parties,I have to attend a few again this year.A Party is Ok for me but at those their,s way to much beer that needs to be drank and not enough music!!.

    Comment by Bradley Lietha — 11/25/2005 @ 6:11 pm

  2. The booze isn’t the problem for me; I just make sure I get plenty of water in my system. I find there is usually too much talk (everyone’s gotta give long drawn-out speeches) and not enough music. But that’s just how it’s done over here, even when it’s not a company function. A simple “It’s been great having you as a friend this year and have a good new year!” doesn’t seem to be sufficient.

    Comment by JAWjaw — 11/26/2005 @ 12:26 pm

  3. You know Dawn come to think of it so true Ha?.When I attended my driving school for my motorcycle license.In the end the cheif guy gaves a Loooooong speech and it incl everything they already covered in the classes before to us.It was funny to watch the younger guys some of them were doozing off and the inst said nothing!!!.So maybe things are changing here???.Food for thought!!!.BTW Sat night started out kind of slow for the Band but their energy level sure picked up Ha?.Appin was picking up the pace as well Ha?.

    Comment by Bradley Lietha — 11/28/2005 @ 7:38 am

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