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As mentioned before, there is an aspect to the local culture that many people are unaware of due to their limited knowledge of the language. The all too frequent insult masked as some polite comment or compliment. In example, as I was busy performing my work duties at the club this past weekend a local customer expressed her “appreciation” to my husband for providing her and her friends with the opportunity to see “an American” working. I don`t know of very many people who wouldn`t consider this an insult! Yet, because it is masked as a compliment to my husband`s “control of his woman,” it is not considered a direct insult, therefore it is inappropriate to directly act upon it. The locals, being non-confrontational, use the passive-aggessive method instead and such a comment would never be said straight to my face.

1) If all you have to talk about in life is me, you have a very pathetic existence.

2) The bar is just that, a night club. I am not there for your viewing enjoyment and ongoing commentary. I am there to do a job, in this case prepare drinks and clean the club. If you want to watch animals, go to the zoo!

3) Americans have been on Okinawa for 60 years. If you weren`t so closed-minded maybe you would have had the opportunity before now to see first-hand that there are many similarities between people fulfillng work roles, even if the techniques are different.

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