Today’s Current Weather Conditions #844

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  17. Woah! I live in Vancouver (I'm in Toronto for school right now though) so I should totally send you a list of things to do! I'm too excited to go home. You'll love it, it's beautiful in the summer.

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  26. Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

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  27. Thank God! Someone with brains speaks!

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  34. Wow, I’ve got a mahogany project involving bridal joints too. Scary. I just purchased 16 linear feet of 4/4 from my (very nice selection) local hardwood vendor two weeks ago.

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  35. I second the Jigoshop recommendation wholeheartedly. I’m building a site using this plugin and find it incredibly easy to develop with. Theming is simple (combination of files and hooks), code is clean and easy to read, and back-end is simple to use. It doesn’t do every little thing but it’s MUCH easier to work with than WP eCommerce/GetShopped, IMHO. The documentation is minimal at this point but you don’t need much if you’re good with PHP. I was also a little peeved they switched their support forums to paid out of the blue but I understand the motivation.

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  36. NewsRadio 1380 AM. You can listen to the full broadcast or any of our other past broadcasts here.)      Today, we start this segment off with a nice little blast from the past, as we

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  37. Thanks, Ian. It's good to see that you are seeing similar things to what I am seeing. I can't see how Tabor's fig. 7 can represent the inside of ossuary 5. I hadn't considered the issue of how the snake camera got inside, angle from the right etc.; that's interesting.

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  40. La Nimue té raó… nosaltres t’enviem unes hores més de revetlla sense poli, i tu ens envies un bon trombonàs de pluja, fet? Esperarem fotos impacientment, i si t’animes a fer un winamp cantant… no et tallis! jajaja ;D

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  41. For en gøyal butikk – utrolig mye fint Ã¥ velge mellom. Men om jeg skulle velge noe (og ikke alt), mÃ¥tte det bli en ulldress (str. 68) fra Lillebarn eller Cupcake.

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  42. Ce drăguţ. Recenzia ta mi-a deschis şi mie apetitul pentru aşa ceva. Păcat că nu ştiu cum să mă descurc cu banii astfel încât să-mi rămână îndeajunşi să cumpăr tot ce vrea inimioara mea.

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