Long and Winding Road

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Here it is the end of January. The holiday season is finally coming to an end and Taki and I finally have a chance to look at the events of the past year. A lot happened this year. We said good bye to our beloved pet of thirteen years, Twinkie; a trusted car of seven years; Speedy, and a guitarist who had chosen different path in life, Jimmy. Mother Nature had taken her toll on everyone over the past year. And for the first time in ten years, Live Music Bar JET was forced to have bouncers. I don’t know what has happened with the local scene of young rockers. It seems many of them are determined to prove just how much of an ***hole Americans can be. First it started with physical destruction in the bathrooms. Then it escalated to guys “dancing” and pouring drinks on local customers (which advanced to purposely knocking local customers’ drinks over), guys screaming in the microphones as they “danced” and the band was trying to play, large numbers of people trying to bring in their own beverages, guys grabbing and harassing the regular female customers who were trying to listen to the band, etc. It seems an attitude has developed that just because these people are in the bar, that they should be allowed to do anything they want! I haven’t lived stateside since January 1988 (17 years), but I doubt any of theses behaviors would be put-up with over there. Anyway, we were able to find a good, young pup (Jaco) to join our family; we also found a new vehicle, and we are extremely pleased with the new guitarist, Appin. And so, life goes on!

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