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Back in January I posted a notice that this site is part of “Just A Wife creations … projects consisting of material mainly created and accumulated by an unsigned independent artist (myself) who is not associated or affiliated with any official organization. These original creations chronicle the varying aspects of my life on the island.”

This still remains true, including any time spent at Bar JET. For some unexplicable reason, another NHK (from what I’m being told) film crew is coming to the bar again this weekend. This makes an untold number of times the company has deemed it necessary to obtain footage of the bar, both with and without previous agreement from the owner of the facility. How much footage does one company need of a fifty-seater facility, and why?

UPDATE: Seems the answer was that the crew wanted to bring in a group of about ten females to pose as customers in order to “produce” (instead of document the actual scene) a desired image for footage to be used in an unknown manner. That’s show biz…. as most people who frequent the facility already know, Bar JET customers consist of a mix of all persons who reside on island.

Today’s Current Weather Conditions #777

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