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Hi, I’m Just A Wife (JAW) and originally arrived on Okinawa in June 1973. Around a year later I met and married, after a very brief courtship, my husband, who is a native of the island. Since then, most of our time has been spent on Okinawa. This blog covers some of the aspects of my daily life on the island.

One aspect of daily life that gives me great pleasure is being able to combine learning new things with the creative aspect of my character and developing new projects from that marriage. Some of the creative projects that I’ve been able to work on over the years are writing lyrics, learning about computers and websites (this blog for example), experimenting in the culinary arts, and more recently, creating videos and delving into the audio aspects of the web with original tunes- such as this site’s theme melody Ryukyu Nights.

Other aspects that occupy my daily life on island are our dogs and barkeeping at my husband’s live music bar on the weekends.

Today’s Current Weather Conditions #763

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"What Good Thing Happened to You Today?"
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