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I found this great vid on the Tube, hopefully the hiccups the site has been facing will dissipate soon. (I haven’t been able to get the comments, favorites, or playlists to work correctly.) But don’t let that distract you from this challenge to a common image:

Seems Okinawans aren’t the only ones who remain active in the 4th quarter. Speaking of which, here’s a chance for you to express and give insight to others on how you view norms (and dispel some of the barriers of understanding images) :

Today’s Current Weather Conditions #715

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Click Here if you can’t access video above.

NOTE: Obviously the vid was up and running (or else there wouldn’t be a pic), but once again the Tube is confronting hiccups…


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Seems You Tube is experiencing some major hiccups right now. The video portion of this blog will be back up and running once that site finds the antacid… thank you for your patience.

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