Murphy’s Back

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Here is a short version of the video that I captured the picture of the hawk (below) from:

(It takes a few moments to load. To rewind and play, right click.)

I’ve been trying to get YouTube to upload a version for almost 4 hours, with no luck. I don’t know if they are too busy or are just having some server difficulties.

Bird of Paradise

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, around this time every year we get visited by a hawk or two. This is one of them.

Hawk 01Nov05

(Click on image to view large size)

Today’s Current Weather Conditions #152

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Tuesday November 1, 2005 [PC (1/365) W (1/365) ]

November 2005 Total:
PC-partly cloudy (1/365)
W-windy (1/365)

This Year�s (June 3, 2005 – June 2, 2006) Total:
S- sunny (28/365) C-cloudy (39/365) PC-partly cloudy (85/365)
D-drizzle (9/365) R-rainy (5/365) SR-scattered rain showers (16/365)
W-windy (48/365) LW-light winds (79/365) VW-very windy (5/365)
H-humid (66/365) SH-slightly humid (74/365)

Catch the Wave

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Most people would think this is a no brainer. But if the surfers of California are anything like the ones on island, then I understand why the officials felt it necessary to post the notice. Every year local surfers await the typhoon season. And every year some of those die hards end up at hospitals with numerous gashes, and sometimes more serious injuries, from being tossed into the coral reef by unforgiving waves. When it comes to the call of the waves, common sense doesn’t always prevail.

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