Why Do Birds…

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For those of you who are interested in a wide array of music, a fledgling Okinawan independent artist download site was announced yesterday. The name of the site, Okinawa Music Flea Market, pretty much says it all. Although this is a newborn site with the works of only about 20 artists available presently, there is a large independent artist community on island. The opportunity for a healthy growth of this site is evident.

Really!!!-Pet Peeve #42

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The local version of the mile high club. The difference between a real jet and Live Music Bar JET is there is only one stall for women to use the facilities. So when a couple decides to do the cheap version of the mile high club, they are being inconsiderate of every other female in the club. Besides, if a woman wants to be a ****, don’t give it away-at least make him pay for a room (or something)!

School Days…

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Well now that we’re in the official rain season on Okinawa, I’ve been using my time to learn more about and . So far none of my submissions to the programs have appeared on the sites. I’m wondering how many other people have never had their submissions listed? Maybe I’m not doing it right.

Really!!!-Pet Peeve #41

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As I’ve mentioned before, there is limited parking space on Okinawa. Sometimes it is almost impossible to avoid parking on the side of a street and semi-blocking traffic. But is it really necessary to block traffic when there is an available parking space just a few feet, sometimes inches, away from the road?

Really!!!-Pet Peeve #40

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Let’s face it, who really likes brown-nosing? To me it’s just as bad as when someone has to constantly use antics to get negative attention. If someone is “all that” their talent, actions, and words will be complimentary, not conflictive, and shine through!

Sunshine, Lollipops, and…

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The Japanese equivalent of spring break is coming to an end. Golden Week is an annual week of vacation for almost all businesses in Japan. The week consists of several back to back holidays (including Children’s Day, Greenery Day, Constitution Day and something simply called “national holiday”). Golden Week reminds me of what February used to be like before George Washington’s Birthday and Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday were combined to form President’s Day. For many tourist industries, the week is similar to the unofficial start of the summer season. If you live in an area that kowtows to tourism, the roads are packed with looky-loos; the shopping areas are overflowing; and there are massive lines everywhere. For many people, the end of Golden Week signifies a return to the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life. (Until summer break in July that is!)

It’s Rainin’…

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I don’t know what the weather is looking like for you, but over here there’s been a constant struggle between the sun and the rain clouds for the past few weeks. All this never ending up and down of sun/rain, rain/sun leads to is a brief prelude of what the summertime humidity is like. In a few weeks, since it’s May, the official rain season will be announced. And along with the May announcements will be the official start of the typhoon season. (The only relief we get from the ever increasing humidity!)

Questions from Grasshopper?#7

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One often hears the locals say it’s all about happiness. But in modern times it isn’t uncommon to find people whose idea of happiness is causing other people misery. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say you wish tranquility (an inner calm) for others?

Smile On

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This is a cute, but imperfect, picture of another one of mama’s boys…


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