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Although being married to a musician has many ups and downs, one of the enjoyable things about the life is being able to help write songs with your spouse. Many of you have been waiting since 2000 for the next JET CD to come out. Although we began working on the project in the summer of ’03, for various reasons it just wasn’t in the cards until now. The band is currently in the preproduction stage of recording a new CD. Like the last CD, this one will have several songs co-written by Taki and myself, as well as tunes written exclusively by Taki. I don’t know if there are plans to include a strictly Japanese language song on this CD as they did with the first JET CD. Hopefully, the new CD will be available sometime in the late spring or early summer and include songs such as a remade “Rock ‘Till the Morning Sun” (known to some of you as “Shout at the Moon”), “My Angel”, and “Ryukyu Island Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

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