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Although I have only been using the internet for a few years, one thing I have noticed that occurs frequently is the large number of outdated or unmaintained web pages. This type of information might be great when one is doing a research project. However, only finding information that is six or seven years old in the top returns of the search doesn’t do very much in expediting the process if one is hunting for current information Shouldn’t there be an archive section on search engines for web pages that are older than six months old? That way people who are not looking for current info can hunt the advanced search section. And whose responsibility is it to make sure the info being provided is as current as possible? Is it the search engine’s or the webpage author/master’s? Doesn’t providing an outdated search result increase the possibility of unscrupulous persons or organizations of using false information as a means of projecting a false image of current events to unwitting viewers? Shouldn’t there be a penalty for web pages that fail to provide a “last updated” statement in the ranking system no matter how many links are connected to the site. After all is there a current system that proves when the links were last utilized? The bottom line is most people are looking for the most current and accurate information when they do web searches. By failing to provide a system that ensures the links being provided in the top results of a search meet the requirement of an active site, the engines are falling short of the goal.

Flowers Everywhere

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This year the pros are predicting this hay fever season to be one of the more drastic seasons for those of us who get congested. And even though April showers may bring May flowers stateside, on Okinawa the flowers are in full bloom already. One can view bright purples, reds, blues, yellows, pinks, and just about every combination of the colors on all over the island. Yes, the season does lead to tissue companies making extra profits, but just being able to enjoy all those blossoms and the wide array of coloration is well worth it.


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It was about thirty-two years ago when my father told us we were coming to a place I had ever even heard of. When he first said Japan, I thought about the “Godzilla” movies and the Olympics. I never expected the long-haired youths of the ’70s. Another aspect of Okinawa that I never realized was how international it is. Anyone who knows the history of the Ryukyu Islands is familiar with the trade industry of the area due to its key location. In modern times there are little pockets of internationality spread throughout the island. The most visibly westernized area is probably the popular tourist spot of Mihama. But to really get an idea of the mixture of cultures on the island all one has to do is walk down Gate 2 Street in Koza (now known as Okinawa City). The businesses on the street provide a glimpse of an international cornucopia of cultures including Okinawa, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, America, the Philippines, and mainland Japan. The side streets off of and parallel to Gate 2 Street boast businesses of additional cultural backgrounds as well. Mihama may be the “American Village,” but the Gate 2 Street area in Koza is still “International Ville.”

Extra, Extra

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Okay here is the latest official news on the Music Town project. According to a local newspaper release, those of you who have a favorite eatery or watering hole in the area scheduled for destruction in order to make room for the new Music Town have until July before the demolition of current facilities begins. Of course the project has been delayed and postponed several times, so this may not be the final start date for the project. Who knows, by July there may be another delay!


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Although being married to a musician has many ups and downs, one of the enjoyable things about the life is being able to help write songs with your spouse. Many of you have been waiting since 2000 for the next JET CD to come out. Although we began working on the project in the summer of ’03, for various reasons it just wasn’t in the cards until now. The band is currently in the preproduction stage of recording a new CD. Like the last CD, this one will have several songs co-written by Taki and myself, as well as tunes written exclusively by Taki. I don’t know if there are plans to include a strictly Japanese language song on this CD as they did with the first JET CD. Hopefully, the new CD will be available sometime in the late spring or early summer and include songs such as a remade “Rock ‘Till the Morning Sun” (known to some of you as “Shout at the Moon”), “My Angel”, and “Ryukyu Island Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

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