Sing a Song

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Recently an old custom has begun to reemerge in our neighborhood. For the past several weeks I have heard various vendors peddling their goods through a speaker as they drive through the area. The services range from hot sweet potatoes to recyclable goods pick-up to mesh screen repair. Thirty years ago this almost non intrusive means of peddling services and goods was common place. In fact one of the services offered was the exchange of used recyclable newspapers for toilet paper. I remember housewives running to the truck with their stacks of papers not unlike American children who had been anticipating the local ice cream truck. This means of block to block sales is much more pleasant than the door to door sales method. The peddlers usually softly announce their service over a microphone in melodic rhythms. If someone wants to partake in the service being offered, they go to the street and wave the vendor down. This way no unwanted interruption of the day occurs. I am pleased to see this style of sales still remains active on the island.

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