Spinning Wheels

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With the weather being in the usual in and outs of the season, Taki and I were able to take a road trip a few days ago. We drove up north to Eco Park. The flowers weren’t quite in full bloom as we strolled amongst the busloads of elderly visitors viewing the multicolored plantings. As we drove back from the park, I caught a glimpse of rows of spinning wheels not unlike that of an infant’s carousel spinning above its crib. When I was finally able to clearly identify what was spinning round and round, it brought back memories of a simpler time on Okinawa. Each wheel had rows of squid pinned to it as it twirled in the basking sunlight. This is how the locals of this town still make the popular snack surume (sun dried squid). The simplicity of it all reminded me of times when we would go down south for winter concerts and one of the enjoyments of the day was when we could get a hold of tin foil wrapped barbequed cob of corn or hot sweet potatoes to warm-up our chilled hands, and we would all huddle into groups to try and block the blistering north winds and munch down as music blared in the back ground. It is always heart-warming to see the parts of Okinawa that some may call countrified or country hicks; to me those small simple remnants of the past are what give Okinawa its charm.

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