In Remembrance of Jimmy Ginoza

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According to local tradition there is a forty-nine day (also known as seven sevens) passage between this world and the afterworld. Due to the day and time of Jimmy’s departure for the journey, his family decided to make Sundays the seven seventh days of the journey. In celebration of the completion of the journey, there are two tributes to former JET guitarist Jimmy Ginoza scheduled.

The first evening of remembrance will be held on the official seventh seven (49th) day in Naha on Saturday 26 March 2005 at Live House Groove.

The second evening of remembrance will be held in Okinawa City on Sunday 27 March 2005 at 7th Heaven Koza with the music beginning at 8:00 p.m. Various artists will be performing. There is a 1000 yen entrance fee and drinks will be sold separately.

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