Jazzing Around

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Last night, at Pianissimo, Taki and I had the honor of enjoying the sounds of a jazz ensemble that was outstanding. Two members, Kibata Haruya and Tanaka Youicihi, were from mainland Japan and the other three members, Kohamoto Tadashi, Gandhi Nishigaki and Shimabukuro Suguru, are local musicians. The show consisted of two sets that were not only kept the mind fully occupied with sound, but relaxed and stimulated the body and brain at the same time. All the members were outstanding. But especially impressive was the alto sax player, Kohamoto Tadashi. A small statured man, the gentle, yet energetic, sounds that emanated from his sax showed that he and the instrument are able to come together as one. I don’t know the next time this particular group of musicians is going to play again. But if you ever get the chance, this ensemble is a must hear.

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