To All The …

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As I said previously, when a person goes through something as awakening as a death of a person they have known for 30 years it tends to force one to face the realities of life. So if you are not into a female reminiscing about the past important people in her life you may as well just log off now.

In the tradition of “All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” I wish to acknowledge all the men I’ve loved before, because they symbolize different passages of my life.

To my first serious love, Mark Anthony Earle of Mrs. Slaughter’s third grade class in Schertz, Texas. (Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the school.) I’m sorry I accidentally smashed a tuna sandwich in your face in 9th grade at Samuel Clemens High. (You weren’t supposed to turn your face!) By the way, I’m soooo glad Steve made it to where he was going.

To L.B.Rosser II, I can only hope what I heard isn’t true. I will always remember our fifth grade attempt to perform the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” at the annual talent show.

To Kurt Vander Wahl, (I’m not too sure of the spelling.) Hon, I loved you but let’s get real, it was always obvious where and what you were after.

To Clint Gardner, you probably didn’t even know I existed. (After all I was a very skinny and nerdy redhead when that just wasn’t what life for a young male was about.) But I will never forget you and your Kawasaki bike.

Universal City, Texas in the ’60’s

Frosty (kind of)

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The Okinawan snow season has begun. At least that is what I call it. Although it is nearly spring according to the Julian calendar, the lunar calendar indicates we are just entering into the thralls of winter. The lunar calendar is similar to what Americans think of when we think of Poor Richard’s Almanac. The seasons are based more on the actual weather than on a given date. So what is Okinawan snow you may ask? Okinawan snow is when the North Wind blows and light dewlets of rain scatter in every direction. I call it snow because I think the only reason it isn’t snow is because the temperature isn’t at freezing point.

"What Good Thing Happened to You Today?"
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