The Heat is On

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As expected, the chilly winds and weather has returned for its seasonal finale. It is during this time of year that I am grateful to whoever came up with the brilliant idea of the kotatsu. A kotatsu is a floor table that has a space heater in its center. the kotatsu is usually centered on an area rug or traditional tatami mat. One simply lifts the table top, places a quilt or blanket over the table frame, and then replaces the table top on top of the blanket. The sensation of sitting on throw pillows with your legs being heated by the kotatsu reminds me of soaking outdoors in a Jacuzzi in brisk winter weather. One of the advantages of a kotatsu is that one can line-up several throw pillows, curl-up under the blanket, and just totally relax. Other advantages include the energy and cost efficiency of the table, since it only heats a small given area. So if you ever get the opportunity to experience this unique manner of keeping warm in the winter, stretch out and enjoy.

In Remembrance of Jimmy Ginoza

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According to local tradition there is a forty-nine day (also known as seven sevens) passage between this world and the afterworld. Due to the day and time of Jimmys departure for the journey, his family decided to make Sundays the seven seventh days of the journey. In celebration of the completion of the journey, there are two tributes to former JET guitarist Jimmy Ginoza scheduled.

The first evening of remembrance will be held on the official seventh seven (49th) day in Naha on Saturday 26 March 2005 at Live House Groove.

The second evening of remembrance will be held in Okinawa City on Sunday 27 March 2005 at 7th Heaven Koza with the music beginning at 8:00 p.m. Various artists will be performing. There is a 1000 yen entrance fee and drinks will be sold separately.

That’s Entertainment

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Sometimes when you are in an intercultural relationship situations arise where the gist of what you are trying to get your significant other to see just doesnt get across. It feels like you are talking to a wall because they are in denial or whatever. And yet sometimes all it takes is a movie to get the point of what you have been trying to say across. True, the movie’s situation may not be exactly the same. But if the movie has the same principle of what you have been trying to get across, somehow a little light comes over the face of the significant other as they finally get it. Give thanks for movies.

Blowing in the Wind

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Just when a person thinks we’re heading for a few weeks of bone- chilling weather, the sun pops out and provides a week of almost spring-time. No sooner had I explained how the weather was following the lunar calendar, and then the sun decides it’s time to follow the Julian calendar and throw those pre-springtime days at us. I doubt if it will stay this way much longer though. Usually what happens is another bone-chilling week or two follows this brief intro to spring. That’s just the way the wind blows on Okinawa.

Jazzing Around

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Last night, at Pianissimo, Taki and I had the honor of enjoying the sounds of a jazz ensemble that was outstanding. Two members, Kibata Haruya and Tanaka Youicihi, were from mainland Japan and the other three members, Kohamoto Tadashi, Gandhi Nishigaki and Shimabukuro Suguru, are local musicians. The show consisted of two sets that were not only kept the mind fully occupied with sound, but relaxed and stimulated the body and brain at the same time. All the members were outstanding. But especially impressive was the alto sax player, Kohamoto Tadashi. A small statured man, the gentle, yet energetic, sounds that emanated from his sax showed that he and the instrument are able to come together as one. I don’t know the next time this particular group of musicians is going to play again. But if you ever get the chance, this ensemble is a must hear.

Those Raisins

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Well, rumor has it that those of you who have a favorite watering hole or eatery that was marked for demolition for the Music Town project have been given a short reprieve for the start date. If the rumor is true, you have until sometime in June before the project will commence

To All The …

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As I said previously, when a person goes through something as awakening as a death of a person they have known for 30 years it tends to force one to face the realities of life. So if you are not into a female reminiscing about the past important people in her life you may as well just log off now.

In the tradition of “All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” I wish to acknowledge all the men I’ve loved before, because they symbolize different passages of my life.

To my first serious love, Mark Anthony Earle of Mrs. Slaughter’s third grade class in Schertz, Texas. (Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the school.) I’m sorry I accidentally smashed a tuna sandwich in your face in 9th grade at Samuel Clemens High. (You weren’t supposed to turn your face!) By the way, I’m soooo glad Steve made it to where he was going.

To L.B.Rosser II, I can only hope what I heard isn’t true. I will always remember our fifth grade attempt to perform the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction at the annual talent show.

To Kurt Vander Wahl, (I’m not too sure of the spelling.) Hon, I loved you but let’s get real, it was always obvious where and what you were after.

To Clint Gardner, you probably didn’t even know I existed. (After all I was a very skinny and nerdy redhead when that just wasn’t what life for a young male was about.) But I will never forget you and your Kawasaki bike.

Universal City, Texas in the ’60’s

Frosty (kind of)

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The Okinawan snow season has begun. At least that is what I call it. Although it is nearly spring according to the Julian calendar, the lunar calendar indicates we are just entering into the thralls of winter. The lunar calendar is similar to what Americans think of when we think of Poor Richard’s Almanac. The seasons are based more on the actual weather than on a given date. So what is Okinawan snow you may ask? Okinawan snow is when the North Wind blows and light dewlets of rain scatter in every direction. I call it snow because I think the only reason it isn’t snow is because the temperature isn’t at freezing point.

Shine On

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I recently caught part of a musical performance on television that provided a pleasant surprise. I don’t know the name of the act, but it consisted of two young men playing violins in a semi Charlie Daniel’s style. The total song wasn’t limited to “fiddle” playing. It also included bits of rap in it. The overall effect produced from the combination was a very energetic and rhythmic sound. What I was able to catch of the act was totally enjoyable. If you ever hear of an act similar to this description, give yourself a treat and check it out.

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