Roller Coaster of Life

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When I was growing up in the 60’s the common belief was that life is usually a smooth road with a few bumps in it. Lately, I have to disagree with that assessment. More and more it has begun to feel as though life consists mainly of bumps with a few smooth patches in it. Not just because of what is happening in my own life, but the overall world situations seemingly consist of nothing more than bumps. If it’s not one thing it’s another, i.e. world disputes, weather, etc. The world just seems to be moving much more quickly than it used to move. I’m almost 49 and I can remember my father telling me that “time” seems to move more quickly as one gets older. I have to agree with that. One year seems more like six months nowadays. As life changes so should some of the old adages. Take the saying that the only certainties in life are birth, death, and taxes. I think it should be changed to birth, death, taxes, and increased traffic flows.

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