Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #36

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To be quite honest about it, I really don’t have a pet peeve this week! Given recent events, things that usually irritate me just seem to be petty little nuisances.

Roller Coaster of Life

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When I was growing up in the 60’s the common belief was that life is usually a smooth road with a few bumps in it. Lately, I have to disagree with that assessment. More and more it has begun to feel as though life consists mainly of bumps with a few smooth patches in it. Not just because of what is happening in my own life, but the overall world situations seemingly consist of nothing more than bumps. If it’s not one thing it’s another, i.e. world disputes, weather, etc. The world just seems to be moving much more quickly than it used to move. I’m almost 49 and I can remember my father telling me that “time” seems to move more quickly as one gets older. I have to agree with that. One year seems more like six months nowadays. As life changes so should some of the old adages. Take the saying that the only certainties in life are birth, death, and taxes. I think it should be changed to birth, death, taxes, and increased traffic flows.

Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #35

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I bet this one is going to hit home with many of you, reading glasses. I got my first pair about eight years ago. At first it seemed uncomplicated enough. You just put them on when you need to read. But then, there is a constant on/off thing going on. Then I tried the chain thing. Of course that led to the glasses bouncing around every time I moved. Now that I spend much of my time reading one thing or another, my glasses are on my face constantly. That leads to stuffed-up sinuses. I’ve thought about contact lenses, but the thought of wearing them just doesn’t appeal to me. So here I am stuck with the glasses on my face most of the day clogging my sinuses. Someone please come-up with a good alternative soon!

Murphy’s Still Here

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Note on the blog comments: As I was deleting the blog’s hacker’s comments, I accidentally deleted the authentic comments. However, I was able to retrieve and resubmit the information.

Guess Who’s Back, Again

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Well we just received another notice that the water will be cut off again on Monday. This is the third notice on the pipeline that was suppose to take from 11 – 21 January. Since the original notice, the roads have been marked, cut, dug, filled, paved, re-cut, redug, re-filled, and repaved. Yet, it seems the job still isn’t completed. Oh well, life goes on.

I Have a Question

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I was doing a Yahoo search on the site and ran across something I’ve never seen before. It doesn’t show up on the regular site. Can any one tell me what this is and how it happens?
this is the item in question

NOTE: The item no longer shows when you click the link. From what info I could gather, I think it was a comment spam.

Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #34

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Why is it salesmen always have to come to the door at the most inopportune times? I realize that they are just trying to make a living, but is it really necessary to come so early in the morning? For many people the timing is nothing more than an intrusion on much needed rest. In current times, most of what people need is readily available at stores and on the internet anyway.

Betty Davis Eyes

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Sometimes the advice given to us when we are young ends up being the best move we can make as an adult. For instance, I was taught to try and learn something positive from the negative things that happen in my life. The recent passing away of the former guitarist is providing a chance to learn about what behaviors are actually applied in practice by locals, as opposed to the traditions, as far as death rituals. Through this I hope I will make fewer mistakes when it comes my turn to apply the practices

I Was Waltzing

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Here it is a month after the initial “2 week” waterpipe construction began. After being dug and repaved and redug and repaved and recut, the road work still isn’t completed. Taki and I have absolutely no idea why this particular process is used. All we can do is wonder what in the world they are doing, and if they are ever going to complete the “2 week” project?

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