… Coming Down?

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In a kind of farewell to the club that housed the ’70s Okinawan rock band Condition Green, the Hideaway was the scene of the Gate 2 Shinenkai party last night. Word has it the brick mosh pit that once contained numerous over-energetic moshers, had been disassembled recently. Yet, the spacious club (known as Roaring ’20s in the early ’70s, Fillmore East in the late ’70s, and Disco Carnival in the early ’80s) still boasts an ample dance floor for those who want to move their feet to the music of the house band. As far as the destruction of the club itself, from what we are being told now, the destruction of buildings in the area to become “Music Town” is to begin in April and start on the Nakanomachi side of the project. Which means the Gate 2 Street section of the project is to be torn down last, maybe.

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