Sunrise, Sunset

Filed under:★2005,Misc — posted by JAWjaw on 1/21/2005 @ 2:59 am

Winter is upon us as cold winds chill our bones and the sky begins to cloud over everyday. I wonder if dogs can suffer from lack of sunlight syndrome. Every time the sky clouds over for more than one day at a time, our seven month old dog goes into some sort of depression. He starts taking out his displeasure on his doggie bed, chewing into the corner of it. When the sky is sunny, he never chews into the bedding. This behavior first began during typhoon season, so I thought he was just bored with being stuck in the house. Now that the winter season has begun to eliminate the usual sunny day time, the behavior has reemerged. He has no idea what in store weather-wise after January! Guess I better start stocking-up on thread.

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