Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #30

Filed under:2005,Rants — posted by JAWjaw on 1/16/2005 @ 8:22 am

It’s pretty sad when a culture produces a large subculture of adults whose only means to handle situations of dispute is to respond in childish, disruptive actions. It is especially sad when these same people are supposedly friends and peers in the same business association. Many people misinterpret these actions as those of individuals who are too stupid to know any better. But as the saying goes, in order to be a wiseass one has to be wise enough to understand the situation. So if a person is intelligent enough to understand the situation, but continues to act in a disruptive manner and instigate negative actions in others, the conclusion must be that these behaviors are being performed consciously and on purpose. Not exactly what I would call a mature, friendly, or constructive way of handling circumstances. If a group of people is unable to handle simple situations in a mature manner, then it doesn’t seem very prudent or advantageous to lend an ear to any disagreement with the circumstance that led to the behavior in the first place, especially in a business situation.

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