Raindrops on the Homefront

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Well Murphy is at it again. Okinawa is finally starting to get some of the rain that seems to be being spread everywhere else. Now we will end up with a mud pit in front of the house’s parking. Deja vu? One might think I am over exaggerating or misinterpreting the situation. Well that is always a possibility. This situation of needing a larger waterline and a wider road was created by the land developers when they continuously sold property to build new homes on without providing the necessary access and basic utilities that an increased population would require. Why weren’t the necessary changes in utilities made in the original plans? As far as a wider road access, as I explained earlier, the property that the land developers are trying to widen the road onto isn’t theirs. So what it comes down to is this. If I am wrong and the final product of years and years of construction doesn’t end up with the property in question becoming road, than I am just being an over-protective, ugly-American wife with egg on her face. But if the final product is the small patch of nature in question does become part of the road, than my years of experience have taught me and everyone reading this, that I have learned who these people really are. And isn’t really knowing the people of a culture part of experiencing and understanding the culture itself?

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