Update on the Homefront

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Well, my husband Taki went out front to talk to the workers and find out what the plans were as far as connecting our pipeline to the new system. He, a taxpaying local national and the resident of this property, was told that they were going to hook up the hose on the front side that divides our house and his brother’s house to the new pipeline. He agreed to that specific explanation and stated that it would be unnecessary to remove the old pipe connection since that would entail unneeded destruction of the current planting area on the front of our property and didn’t interfere with the traffic flow of the road that was paved 8 years ago. This old pipe, which has little by little been removed each time new construction takes place, also originally served as a property line marker. Well, being the trusting citizen that he is, he left the workers alone to do their job. These are the exact same tactics that were used 8 years ago when the illegal (according to our understanding the local law that states all new homes must have a 5 meter access road prior to being authorized) building of a home took place. (Check out the Oct 27th post.) Once again even though we were home, the workers did not consult with the resident of the property prior to making changes that directly went against what was necessary. I’m sure they will be able to come up with some explanation by tomorrow. Welcome to the peace-loving island of Okinawa , as long as you are only visiting and putting out lots of money that is!!!

On the Homefront

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Well back on the homefront, I caught the pipeline workers digging with hand shovels into the flowerbed area that has been under dispute by the land developer for the past 12 years. It is not part of the new pipeline as outlined by City Hall or the subsequent remarked area laid out by the workers on Friday. When questioned as to why they were digging up land on our property that is and was not marked for the new pipe, they quit digging the area, for now.

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