Helllloooo!!!! Is Anybody in There?

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With all the turmoil caused by Mom Nature in the past few weeks, even on Okinawa one has to wonder what in the world a leader of an area that has been faced with mass devastation is thinking when he starts a stand-off that results in the delay of aide to the citizens of the area. Does he really think that the appropriate time to play a red-tape game is when his own people are in dire need of help! Does he really think that the people who are risking their own lives to respond to the serious basic needs of the victims of a disaster that was not of their own choice or doing, but that of a natural disaster of epic proportions, are posing a serious threat by asking to maintain a thread of self-protection against unknown threats? These aid givers are under the constant observation of every news organization on the planet! Does the leader really think the aid givers are foolish enough to do anything other than help the victims of the disaster? Everyone knows they wouldn’t deny aid in situations of mass destruction! If this had been any less a caring and giving nation, these aid givers could have just as easily said no, we are not going to risk our lives for your countrymen if you won’t let us maintain a minimal degree of self-protection! Speaking of which, now that the leader’s request has been met, what is the leader of the devastated area doing to ensure the protection of those selfless aid givers?

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