Really!!!-Pet Peeve of The Week #29

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It is so unbelievable that I heard a representative of the American society say that sexual abuse in the Armed Forces is a crime, yet representative of the overall status of the American society! Basically what I heard was sexual abuse -rape, sodomy, etc. – is a no-no but because we need you men to fight the war against terrorism, it will take a lot of evidence to convict the radically physical violent crime against another human being as such! Well, if that’s the case why shouldn’t there be a Budafuko (please excuse my misspelling or inaccurate naming of the man who was dismembered) Act? After all, as far as I know being dismembered doesn’t stop a man from being able to physically serve his country! What it does do is hold a person who commits such a crime accountable for the violent physical abuse of another human being!

NOTE: It seems I did get the name of the dismembered man incorrect. I went to the experts, some other men – after all who would better remember the name of a man who was dismembered than other men – and the correct name should be the Bobbitt Act.

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