Time After Time

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Happy New Year!!! If you’re new, this is a blog to share life on Okinawa as seen through the eyes of a foreigner who arrived in 1973. The experiences are of everyday life. Well it seems that the neighbor that I mentioned in the October 27th post was quite obsessed with obtaining a new pipeline. We just received a notice that the replacement pipeline will be placed down the center of the semi-new seven year old road right in front of our house. Which means destroying and repaving the road again! The approximately 100 meter job is suppose to take ten days. Let’s see how many land survey markers get paved over this time. In fact it is very common for roads to be laid and torn-up for new pipelines on a regular basis over here. Okinawa is a land of constant road construction. And each time smooth semi-new roads end up becoming so full of defects that it feels like riding on a bucking horse when a person is driving on them. As I said before, over here Murphy’s Law becomes a norm and gets taken in stride.

"What Good Thing Happened to You Today?"
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