Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #27

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Kudos to the organizers of the upcoming New Year’s Eve concert are due. They played the hand perfectly. If we are an example of the typical business owner on Okinawa, then their move to have an all day Japanese (J-pop) youth concert on a street that usually is consumed with drunken men was a good manipulative move. Not only do the groups that they sponsor get exposure on Japanese TV, but they have responsible people imposing stricter than usual regulations in an effort to prevent any possible mishaps caused by this ill conceived event. All the while they come off as the good fun-loving guys, who will not be held responsible for any consequences of their decision.
There are questions that arise from the organizers choice to proceed with the event, despite some common-sense opposition. Are Japanese businessmen so innocent and na´ve minded that they think combining pubescent teens and an area renown for activities that have been accepted businesses since the Vietnam era (such as “buy me drinky” and “banana show” girls) is a good idea? Why weren’t all of the members of the street association told the full story behind the concert? The only thing discussed (or more accurately, crammed down their throats by persons who do not own businesses on the street) at the monthly meetings was the Orange Range aspect of the event. Even this met with opposition from the experienced owners of Gate 2 Street night-time businesses. If this an example of how business is conducted on Okinawa, give an inch and they take a mile, then is it any wonder that some people are not willing to even give an inch? Why should night-time business owners be forced to take on the role of policing youths that are only in the area because of activities that are the concoction of J-pop promoters? Why are they holding the activity on the street to begin with? There are several Okinawa City (Koza) outdoor arenas that are better suited for this type of activity. Every year several Okinawan festivals are held at those facilities. Could it be because this is an area where many Okinawan/ American couples have been successful in running night-time businesses (businesses that conflict with the plans of the city and tourism officials to run a financially profitable, youth-oriented music school and J-pop concert hall)? Speaking of city-sponsored businesses, whatever happened to the mega Korinza Shopping Center and event hall on the neighboring B.C. (Chuo Park Avenue) Street? And since the manger/promoter of the main act of this New Year event is based on that street, why aren’t they holding the event there? This event poses too many underlying half-truths and questions to make anyone satisfied with conducting the activity on Gate 2 Street, anyone other than those who will directly (or indirectly) profit off of it that is!

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