Swan Song?

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Coming from a culture where individuals are taught to fend for themselves, living in a “group” based society always leads to interesting observations and questions. In a previous post I posed questions concerning a Gate 2 Street situation. Another topic that pops into my mind as far as MY misconstruing local situations is if a person or business has made it clear that they wish to remain an independent entity, why would a “group” constantly promote the appearance of anything other than that? Especially if the independent entity is, as the group would like everyone to believe, of no consequence. Why wouldn’t any group want a situation to be discussed openly and honestly? Could it be that former and ongoing situations have led to a lack of trust in the group by the public? And could it be that only through further deceit can the group continue to fight for its existence?

Mr. Grinch

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It seems every year there is someone who is dissatisfied with the path their life has taken. For some reason or another, the holidays only magnify the discontent. This year, one of those unhappy people thought they would ruin other people’s enjoyment by closing the bar entrance shutter. So when some regulars came to the bar to have a relaxing Christmas Eve, it appeared the club was closed. These childish and selfish grinches need to face-up to the fact that they are where they are in life because of their OWN choices, and no one else’s. If a person doesn’t like the direction their life is taking, they should do something CONSTRUCTIVE to change it towards a direction that better suits what they do want for life. And let those people who are satisfied with the choices they made in life enjoy it!!!

"What Good Thing Happened to You Today?"
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