Splish Splash

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Earlier this week Taki and I finally had the opportunity to visit the new marine exhibit at Expo Park. It opened a little over a year ago, but we wanted to wait for the “newness” of it to wane so we wouldn’t be “sardined.” I hadn’t been to the park since the ’80s and this was quite the surprise. The size and array of Okinawan specimens, well, just totally “blew me away!” The dolphin show was a cute outside break from the semi-packed marine museum. But the most enjoyable feature of this park is the café. There a person can sip a beverage while sitting “face to face” with the marine life. It is as close to scuba diving a person can get, without facing the claustrophobic anxiousness. Outside, in the ample park grounds, there are numerous creative displays of botany and shisa art. Other than the ongoing shrieks of amazement from bus loads of school girls, this “tourist” site is very well organized and worth the long drive up north.

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