Seeing Orange

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Taki just informed me of further confirmation of New Year’s Eve plans by a Japanese television network to air an event on Gate 2 Street this year. If this were about promoting the music scene of Okinawa, it would be great. (But that is not what this is about.) If a network wanted to air the real Okinawan music scene, all they would have to do is have a remote TV crew go from venue to venue. Everywhere bustles on New Year’s Eve. The organizers of this event, once again, are showing poor judgment. The main entertainment for this “special” is, once again, Orange Range. The fan base for this particular J-pop group consists of a very young audience. The venue they have chosen to hold the event at has an after-hour consumer base that usually ranges in age 20 and older! (Although, on occasion, some rock ‘n’ roll loving, cola-sipping, older teens can be found in the vicinity.) If the organizers really want to reponsibly air such a youth-based special from Okinawa, they should choose a more appropriate venue.

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