And the Beat Goes On

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Previously, I discussed the role of the hostess bars and the trickle-down effects on Okinawa. One might ask if they know what is going on why do the men still go to these establishments. As Donald Trump put it when Jay Leno asked him why he does what he does, “…the scorecard ….” For men, that’s usually what anything is about. It’s all just another game. Is he going to be the man who gets that illusive woman to break her pattern? Knowing that, the women over here figure why not make a few bucks off of it. The men figure it’s worth spending a few bucks on the pleasures of chasing women. And so on, and so on, and so on… What’s really funny is this so-called difference in men and women comes to a screaming halt when men meet a woman who won’t play the game. Usually what happens is the rules of social behavior take over. They gather together in a group and are as obnoxious, catty, and gossipy as women are in an attempt to show their disapproval and manipulate that female into playing the game. Bonus points to the group who can get that female to enter the game, and fifteen minutes of fame if it’s an individual! And all goes quiet on the Eastern front, as the information of another successful social conquest is passed through the island grapevine.

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