Questions of Balance

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My online posts must be hitting a nerve with someone. I received several what I call “spam-mails” from a person who’s into online poker. They seem to think that it is the job of a blog to impart philosophy. Well, this particular blog’s mission is to impart life experiences and observations a viewed by a foreigner on Okinawa. I merely provide information on the many aspects of life on Okinawa. However, if you are looking for some deep thought how about this?

We say mankind is a creature of habit. What are habits? I see them as no different than addictions trained into the brain over a certain period of time. If a person is denied the ability to perform the habit, then “withdrawal” occurs. I propose that pleasure or happiness is nothing more than getting a “fix” of these addictions, whatever they may be. The real question is, if mankind is a creature of addictions, than who determines which direction and form these addictions are to take? Religion, business, who?

"What Good Thing Happened to You Today?"
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