Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #13

Filed under:2004,Rants — posted by JAWjaw on 9/20/2004 @ 2:26 am

On Saturday I was doing research for something and ran across a November 1997 article involving Taki. The article includes an interview he did with a Washington Times reporter. Taki didn’t even know the article was ever printed. When I tried to gain access to the full article, I found that the newpaper requires a payment for access to archived news articles. First, I do not feel comfortable enough with internet security to provide private financial information, such as a credit card number. Second, I was surprised that a major newpaper, such as the Times, charges for persons seeking archived information. I noticed that there is online advertising by sponsors. Doesn’t that and regular subsciptions provide enough of a profit for your investors? I am glad not to be a student seeking archived information in these days and times if I would have to pay for every article I wished to access. If you are interested in reading the full article, a brief lead into the story is available here.

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