Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

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When you have been around the music industry as long as I have, one can always tell a group is on their way up when the flies begin buzzing around. You know the type of people who profess their undying admiration for the group in the beginning of the relationship, a kind of making a deposit in the human bank. Of course, these are the same people that disappear while the actual struggle of getting just the right combination of music style and talent development is happening. They’re too busy depositing the same undying admiration for every other performer available in the respective banks, a kind of playing the odds theory. After all, there are so many groups in contention at least one of them has to make a hit! As a wife, all one can do is point out who has and hasn’t been around through the tough times. Then hope that her husband also has been paying attention to the intricacies of the industry, and knows how to filter out those trying to ride the tails of a group on the rise.

Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #12

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People who finish half an alcoholic beverage and then request another “splash” of mixer, usually cola, because the drink is too strong. These are the same type of people who try to eat half of a dinner and then complain that the food isn’t edible! If the drink was that strong to begin with, it doesn’t take half the drink to realize it. Think of it this way, at least you know you’re getting your money’s worth. And most beverage servers are fully aware of whether or not the drinks they prepare are strong. Those servers who do prepare stiff beverages usually don’t mind providing a little extra mixer if a person after one or two sips, not gulps, requests so.

Nature’s Art

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For a long time now Ive had a saying, “‘God’ is a she, Mother Nature that is!” These past few weeks she has shown her power over the daily lives that we try so hard to place some type of control over. Japanese and Floridians have experienced the greatest amount of disruptions in the well-organized plans that millions labored to adhere to oh so religiously. When you view the televised version of “Mom” at work, one can actually visualize the earth with the massive turbulent atmosphere dancing over its surface. And in the midst of this incredible display, stand reminders of mankind’s feeble attempts to force its desires on earth’s canvas.

Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #11

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Exactly what do people who come into an establishment, order a product, and then proceed to play games when it is time for payment think is so amusing. As a beverage server, I doubt you would find it very “cute” if I slid a drink back and forth when you were waiting for it. I also doubt that the customers waiting patiently behind you find your needless time-consuming games very entertaining. If you are looking for female attention, go to a hostess-style bar. After all that is what they are being paid for, to entertain you and laugh at your childish behavior.

Another One Bites the Dust…

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Sometimes people just have one of those weeks. This happens to be one of them! First, the island is just missed by a super typhoon. The next day my computer gets hit by a trojan. The following day, someone tries to poison one of my dogs. Two days later, we get word another super typhoon is on its way. The next day, my water heater breaks down; etc, etc. The only good thing about these kind of weeks is just that, it`s just another week. This one will pass and the next one will come full of its own challenges and surprises. And so as Friday begins, I am well aware that the week is almost over, and another one bites the dust….

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