Neither Rain, Nor Wind…

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Ah, the joys of learning how to set up the various aspects of a web site from scratch. To many people, computers can be a frustrating experience. I, however, tend to enjoy the challenges associated with learning a “new” creative activity. Although personal computers have been around for a while now, most of the people of my age on Okinawa really aren’t that experienced with the intricacies of the various aspects of setting-up an original web site. As a complete novice, learning the written computer language has been fairly simple. If you have been following this site for the past three months, you are very aware of the numerous changes that have been incorporated. The one aspect I still seem to have some difficulty with is the web mail set-up. One day the mail system works the next it doesn’t. Just trying to implement the system is, for some reason, a confusing mixture of user names and passwords. Yet, I look at this challenge with an anticipation of gaining a better understanding how computers systems work.

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