Is It Only Puppy Love?

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On April 19 we lost one of our beloved pets, Twinkie. She was a mutt that had been part of our family for thirteen years. It was a difficult loss, but we knew it was her time. We have another mutt, Kato who is three. We all took some time to adjust to life without Twinkie. Around July 13, we decided it was time to adopt another pet so Kato would have a play mate. We went to Karing Kennels and found the absolutely most perfect match for Kato’s character. So, we adopted the six week old mutt. For the past few days our neighbor, who has two boys, has been eyeballing the pup. Yesterday, he was brave enough to talk to my husband about how adorable he found our new addition, Jaco. (It seems their puppy died while taking a walk.) My husband told him where they could find puppies for adoption. This morning at 8a.m. and 10a.m. I saw the man standing near our front porch, eyeballing Jaco again. It has raised a “red flag” in my consciousness. I find it a little alarming that the neighbor is so enamored with the pup that it has obviously become an object of desire. The only question that remains is will the neighbor act on the desire?

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