Really!!!-Pet Peeve of the Week #6

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Throughout life one runs across people who never seem to mentally graduate from High School. You know the type of person who has nothing interesting going on in their personal life, so their conversations are limited to gossip and dogging other people. The topics usually include comments on another person’s:

1) Personal appearance: unless you are going to be involved with the person on a romantic level – who gives a doggie’s doodoo!

2) Behavior: whether sexual or other, again unless you are going to have sex with the person or the behavior is disruptive or rude to you or others – who gives a doggie’s doodoo!

3) Belief system: hey we all have one, who are we as one individual to condemn personal beliefs of everyone else in the world, unless that belief leads to harm or personal difficulties.

My system of determining whether or not someone is blowing smoke is simple:

1) Is the situation of any importance, in other words, will the topic make a difference in whatever is being held to ridicule.

2) Does the comment include a solution to the situation or is it just a statement of what the speaker personally disagrees with.

3) What would I do if I were in the person being held to ridicule’s shoes? Is the person being ridiculed being unreasonable in the given circumstance? It’s easy to just make blank negative comments about someone, but if I would react the same way in the given circumstance, to condemn the behavior is nothing more than hypocrisy.

So to those who can’t get past ridiculing others, GET A LIFE!!!

The Ryukyu Rhythm

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It’s August on Okinawa! This is the time of year when summer hits its full swing. Go outside at 10a.m. and you’ll walk into a wall of heat and humidity. It’s also the time of year when the night fills with sounds of Eisa drums in preparation for Obon. The drums are one of the more endearing and interesting facets of the Ryukyu culture. Almost every foreigner is fascinated by the energy and rhythm of the beat of the Okinawan Eisa drum. Thirty years ago, I wanted to learn to play the Eisa drum, but at that time, women were limited to the role of dancer. Fortunately times change and now there are programs available that allow foreigners to join-in on the annual Obon Eisa festivities. The new system also allows females to participate as drummers!

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